Agip gas station shut down after selling diluted fuel

A driver customer had alerted the authorities about diluted diesel fuel sold at a local gas station. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority collected a diesel fuel samples from the station and found out the it is heavily diluted with water.

According to the inspectors a small amount of water in oil is common and legal, but apparently the Agip gas station at the V Korytech Street in Prague sold diesel, which contained fifty times more water than acceptable. While the maximum amount of water is 260 mg per kg of diesel fuel, the sample contained 12,4 g/kg, which led to an inevitable closure.

Agip gas station at the V Korytech Street in Prague | Photo by Jan Uruba, The Czech Journal

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority hasn’t detected such high amount of water in any collected sample since 2001 when monitoring of fuels quality started. They also recommend the drivers to be cautious and keep the receipts, so drivers can later get a refund in case of a similar scenario.

Gas station is now reopened.