Ammunition storage in Vrbetice finally safe

Pyrotechnicians and firemen are finally able to go to a possibly dangerous ammunition storage in Vrbětice, since no explosion occurred during the last ten days. If they manage to clean the area, people from near town and village might finally return.

After several explosions in October, that caused near residents to evacuate, many smaller explosions occurred. The area was still ranked as possibly dangerous, so no-one could come and investigate. After almost two months, the area is now supposed to be safe and pyrotechnics and firemen are now able to go and clean the area.

Ammunition and explosive storage facility in Vrbětice | Photo courtesy of Czech Police

Ammunition and explosive storage facility in Vrbetice | Photo courtesy of Czech Police

One of their tasks is also to clean the main road, so all the remaining ammunition and explosives can transported into a safer area. The police urges people who live near the area, to celebrate the New year’s day and use firework very carefully so they don’t spread any further panic.