Amount of Czech diabetics rapidly increases

According to Diabetes association of Czech republic, there are currently around 840 000 people aware of their disease. But recently these numbers have drastically increased.

“Diabetes is literally an epidemic of the third millennium. It is a problem of the entire society. The amount of patients is sadly very high and keeps on increasing.”

says the chairman of the association. Over the last twenty years the amount of diabetics have increased by sixty-eight percent and along with people who are aware of their situation, the experts estimate, that there is another quarter million of people who are not.

But diabetes is more serious problem than people realize. In our time, it is an incurable disease and two years ago, over twenty-five thousand people died in a relation to diabetes. Also the disease makes the possibility of a heart attack five times more likely.

Even though the experts say, it is incurable, it can be prevented and treated. But it takes time for one to be notice the symptoms. That is why the doctors can test you for diabetes and potentially save your life.