Anonymous threatens government with ebola spreading

As the west African countries struggle to fight with Ebola, many countries are preparing themselves for a possible Ebola leak. And as many of them fear such a thing, the government of Czech republic is now being threatened with spreading the disease.

This case is currently under investigation by Unit for Combating Organized Crime and medical experts who claim to do their best. But even though the blackmailers asked for money, the police assumes, that their only goal is panic. They have come to such conclusion, when the blackmailers sent their message to local media, just to spread the word.

So far, there were only two people and possible victims of Ebola, but luckily both turned out to be not infected. Even if the threat turned out to be true, the medical experts say that the Czech climate or the overall natural conditions make it harder for Ebola to spread in Czech republic. Especially with new safety precautions on airports and borders.