Are wolves returning to Czech Republic?

Many camera traps around local Landscape park have taken interesting photos, which amazed their owners. They haven't found photoshopped pictures of aliens or bigfoot. Instead, they found young wolves.

Apparently, wolves have proliferated and their cubs wandered around. Very first images of wolves come from July, but they didn’t convince anyone until new images came. After a hundred years, it was proven that wolves are returning. It is uncertain how many are running around in the north, but after several reports from witnesses, experts assume, there are a little over a hundred.


So far it seems, that the wolves are only aggressive towards small animals and boars and deers, which are overpopulated in the North. There also weren’t any reports of an attack on people, but the experts still say we should be careful and shouldn’t tease them in any way.

Photo courtesy of CHKO Kokořínsko-Máchův kraj