Attempt to break collective guitar play record ended up unsuccessful

It has become an annual event to try to break a record in collective guitar play. Sadly this year, just like last year, not enough people with guitars came.

The current Czech record is 370 people playing the same song on their guitars in one place. This year only 99 people came to play on Karlín square. The set list was made of three popular Czech songs: “Anděl” from one of the most celebrated musicians, Karel Kryl, “Cesta” from the most popular one today, Tomáš Klus, and “Dokud se zpívá” from the most productive one, Jaromír Nohavica.

The attempt itself wasn’t the only thing on the schedule. All of the guitarists that have contributed with their play could enter the raffle and win a guitar, strings or couple of picks. Despite the fact that the record hasn’t been broken, nobody minded and they all enjoyed the sweet polyphony of 99 guitars.