Authorities to use “weight-in-motion” sensors to crack down on overweight trucks

Officials say they plan to use static weight sensors with cameras to try to get a handle on overweight trucks that roll along Czech roads. The new system is expected to cost millions of Euros.

The Road and Motorway Directorate plans to install about two dozens of license plate-tracking traps with “weight-in-motion” sensors embedded in the asphalt. The agency is looking for a way to be more successful in cracking down on overweight commercial vehicles, which cost taxpayers more money in road repairs.

“We want to protect our investments in new and reconstructed roads from overloaded commercial traffic,” Jan Studecky, spokesman for the directorate, said. He added that the initial investment in the system has been estimated to be about 7 million Euros.

Weight measuring sensors in the road will be able to recognize when a vehicle is possibly over the limit, and the camera will take a picture of the truck’s license plate.