Biker causes multiple accidents, attacks witness

A rather strange incident has happened in the centre of Příbram, when a possibly intoxicated biker had managed to cause two car accidents, attack a witness and get caught by the police, all within range of eight minutes.

The cause of the first accident was a sixty year old biker, that entered the oncoming traffic. Possibly afraid of being caught, he drove away, but right around the corner he hadn’t given the right of way as he was supposed to and caused another accident. As he once again left the scene, he was followed by a witness of the first accident, who called the police and gave info on his current location.

When the biker confronted the witness, he assaulted him, both verbally and physically, which slowed him down for long enough for the police to catch him. According to the police, the old man refused to take alcohol test and had neither vehicle documentation nor ID.