Brewery introduces tram converted into bar cruising around Brno

If there is something that beer lovers truly appreciate, it is a great beer in a great place. With that in mind, Starobrno brewery with the cooperation of integrated public transport system provider has launched a new type of service - a tram converted into a bar which is to hit the streets every Friday night.

Salina pub is a unique pub on wheels, offering customers up to 3 types of tap beer, various kinds of other alcoholic beverages, large selection of soft drinks and snacks while sucking up atmosphere of Brno’s nightlife.


Beer tap | Photo courtesy of Salina Pub

This tram seats up to 38 people and offers standing room for another 17 guests. And don’t worry about spills – special beer holders are available for everyone standing. The Salina pub also offers toilet on board, free WiFi as well as an audio-video system to get every party going.

| Photo courtesy of Salina Pub

Toilet and even special beer holders are on board | Photo courtesy of Salina Pub

A round tour around Brno last for about 40 minutes and costs 60 CZK (approx. 2 EUR). Price does not include beverages and snacks sold on board – a pint of Starobrno Medium 11° costs 30 CZK (approx. 1EUR).

The tours run Friday nights from 3rd April until 30th October, in accordance with following schedule:

Station Departure time
Namesti Svobody 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00
Ceska 18:05 19:05 20:05 21:05
Mendlovo namesti 18:10 19:10 20:10 21:10
Hlavní nadrazi (Main railway station) 18:17 19:17 20:17 21:17

A similar concept already exists in Finland. A bright red vehicle, known as the pub tram, has been running circular tours of Helsinki every summer since May 1995.