British Airways ticketing glitch draws class action lawsuit

British Airways to face class action lawsuit after hundreds of customers were told their bookings have been cancelled after an error in reservation system led to first class tickets cut to a fraction of a usual cost.

British Airways | Photo courtesy of BriYYZ

British Airways | Photo courtesy of BriYYZ

Dozens of dissatisfied customers plan to turn to Prague court after it issues an interim measure against the company in a similar case this October. British Airways was claimed legally obligated to honour its bargain and ordered to allow two passengers, who got their tickets cancelled after using the same glitch, to board first class on a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Customers’ effort to reach a compromise between both parties was refused by the carrier, who promised only to refund all affected tickets.

The glitch caused first class tickets sold through the airline’s website to be significantly underpriced. For instance, first class tickets to Mexican Cancún were sold for 18 thousand Czech Crowns, little over €650. Regular price for the same ticket could be up to 10-times higher.