Case of woman who “stabbed herself multiple times” reopened

One and a half year old case of a woman who according to witnesses and the police committed suicide by stabbing herself multiple times is being reopened by Prague's state attorney. General Inspection of Security Forces (GIBS) will also investigate the case.

An extraordinary case of a woman who supposedly stabbed herself to death reopens. It was ordered by Prague’s State Attorney Lenka Bradáčová and GIBS chief of inspections Michal Murín. A significant role into reinvestigating the bizarre case over again is played by the mother of the 23-year-old victim, who claimed that the conclusion of the original investigation by the police is absurd. The case has been heavily questioned by the media and notable experts like famous cardiologist Jan Pirk.

In September 2014, 23 years-old Aneta returned from vacation and went to a bar with some friends where she consumed alcohol and took cocaine. Later that evening she left with her friend Kateřina and Katřina’s boyfriend Ahmed to their flat. The witnesses claim that she started acting strangely and refused to go to sleep.

When at around 7 o’clock Ahmed woke up and went to the kitchen to get a drink, he saw Aneta stabbing and cutting herself. Unfortunately, the paramedics called by Kateřina could not save Aneta’s life. The pathologist found thirteen stab wounds including one in the lungs and three in the heart, but he didn’t find alcohol in the young woman’s blood.

During the original investigation, the police from the beginning held onto the vision of suicide, which they learned from Kateřina and Ahmed, not a murder how they are expected to. Thanks to this specialized criminologist were not involved in the investigation. They have also omitted interrogation of key figures in the case, including the called paramedics, the taxi driver who brought the group from the bar to the flat in Prague’s Letňany and others.

Aneta’s mother, other relatives and the public are now hoping that the case will be investigated properly and that truth and justice will be proven. But for now, the official claims say that Aneta committed suicide due to toxic psychosis caused by alcohol and drugs.