Charlie Hebdo magazine sold out shortly after hitting shelves

As the world mourns for the victims of last week's terrorist attacks in Paris and the message "Je Suis Charlie" continues to spread, the world is craving for the actual Charlie Hebdo magazine. Recently, one hundred of Czechs actually got to get it.

One hundred prints of Charlie Hebdo were available for the Czech public, however all of them were sold out in just couple of minutes. The spokesmen of the magazine said that the Charlie Hebdo will be available for IOS, Android and Windows 8 in Europe, North America and other countries whose current law allows the release of the print.

But as long as the interest grows, there should be more prints coming to other countries. A little downside to it is that many of the buyers say they aren’t exactly interested in the magazine’s content, but just want to support the message, as well as the people making it.