Do today’s children and teenagers need psychiatrists?

Handling emotions, hormones and puberty can be a difficult thing, but hardly any of teenagers admit they are sad or that they need help with it. But they do and there's not enough of people to provide professional help to them.

“Almost twenty percent of children/teenagers stated, they should visit a psychiatrist. A bit more than half of them might be diagnosed with ADHD and the rest with schizophrenia” says the new survey, led by the only adolescent specialist in the country Petra Uhlíková. According to her, the problem is the lack of professionals in the area and not admitting of the young patients, that they need help, resulting in parents taking their children to a regular pediatrician.

Along with ADHD and schizophrenia, one of the most common diseases might be bipolar disease, which can start only as a regular depression, but might even lead to committing suicide. Another sad part of the survey said, that at least fifty children resort to such horrible solution every year.

“Even though we need many times more pedopsychiatrists, anyone who thinks that might need our help should come”