Cinematographer Miroslav Ondříček dies aged 80

Miroslav Ondříček, the Czech director of photography who earned two Academy Award nominations, has died Saturday in Prague at the age of 80.

Miroslav Onříček died Saturday evening in Prague after a long stay in a hospital.

Ondříček was a graduate of the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He began his film career with a Forman’s short documentary about Czech provincial life and amateur music-making “If It Weren’t for Music” which has been released in 1963. During his 38 years long career, he worked on over 40 movies, including “Amadeus”, “Hair”, “Ragtime” and “if….”.

Ondříček never received an Academy Award, though he was nominated twice in Cinematography category, for Ragtime (1981) and Amadeus (1984). In 2004, Ondříček received the International Achievement Award from the American Society of Cinematographers.