Communal elections starts today

Every two years, the citizens of Czech republic visit the voting rooms to elect one third of the 81 senators, one for each voting district. Yet today, people also vote on their communal and city hall representatives. 

In the first two hours of voting, one tenth of the nation came to the voting rooms. The president expects a participation in the communal election of over fifty percent, stating that they are the most important, yet he and other politicians remain sceptical about the participation in the senate elections, guessing slightly above twenty percent.

On the internet many people argue over the results of the elections, which will be known in the tomorrow afternoon. While the communist party thinks they will do great, people on the internet disagree and most of them believe in victory of ANO and Úsvit parties. Another discussion that churned up the internet chat rooms was the lack of participation.

The government recently discussed over this problem and also a proposal, allowing people over sixteen to vote, however nothing was solved and the small interest of the citizens remains the same.