First complaints and controversies of Czech communal elections

The first part of october elections weren't over for more than two days and first complaints have already came up to the surface. Strangely enough, the complaints don't concern the results. While some people blame confusing ballots and the voting system itself, some evidences even show possible corruption.

In the north, dozens of people came shortly after the start, not knowing much on how to vote or how to fill the ballots. Many of them stated, that they get money for voting for one specific person. What compromised one of them was the fact, that he asked the commission for the money “he was promised.” The first mention of buying votes comes from the North, but evidences show that it’s not the only case.

While in major cities, it is not yet known who will take the lead and possible coalitions are still being discussed, in smaller cities and towns the leadership is already known. Yet in the East, in Karlova Studánka, the mayor is being sued for unduly crossed out thirty people from the ballots.