First coronavirus-related death reported in Czechia

Health officials confirm a 95-year-old Czech man infected with the new coronavirus has died on Sunday, becoming the country’s first official victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency room | Photo courtesy of Bulovka Hospital

The man tested positive for the coronavirus on March 18th. He was treated in the Bulovka Hospital in Prague at the infection clinic.

The 95-year-old patient had been suffering from a series of other conditions, such as chronic heart failure, coronary artery disease and he had a pacemaker.

His organism was exhausted, he was 95. I wouldn’t say he died from coronavirus, but rather with it,” Roman Prymula, the chief of the Czech crisis committee said.

There are currently 1,100 proven cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic and it has been 22 days since the first case of the infection disease appeared in the country.

Eleven people are in critical condition and six have been cured.