Czech Communist Party MEP detained in Switzerland

Czech Communist Party MEP Miloslav Ransdorf and 3 other Slovak men have been arrested after trying to withdraw a large sum of money Thursday in a Swiss bank using fake IDs.

Miroslav Ransdorf | Photo courtesy of

Miroslav Ransdorf | Photo courtesy of

The group allegedly attempted to withdraw 350 million euros from a Zurich bank Thursday, but the presented documents did not match the official records.

The 62-years-old member of the European Parliament was released Friday night, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Saturday. According to Zurich police spokesman Judith Hoedl, Ransdorf is investigated in connection with a fraud case involving a large sum of money.

“Three Slovak citizens were detained together with the Czech MEP Ransdorf after trying to withdraw 350 million euros at a Swiss bank with fake IDs,” Slovak interior ministry spokesman Ivan Netik said.

Czech Minister of Interior Milan Chovanec confirmed the arrest of the four men but did not comment on the details. He confirmed that the Czech police are in touch with the Swiss authorities on the case.

Miloslav Ransdorf, who is a member of Czech communist party, is serving in the European Parliament since the Czech Republic’s entry into the European Union in 2004. He was previously investigated for an assault of a news reporter who confronted Ransdorf after videotaping him checking in at the European Parliament to claim 304 euro daily expenses fee and immediately leaving.