Czech fertility expert disproves theory of sperm decrease

It is already considered a fact, that both quality and quantity of male sperm is decreasing, which will cause massive problems in future reproduction. But recent studies of an embryologist from Brno prove that there is nothing wrong.

Pavel Trávník, a fertility expert, believes that all the information we’ve been given on this topic is based on misreading data from old studies. Specifically Danish embryologist Elisabeth Carlsen and her study from the nineties, that often refers to work from thirties and forties. Mrs. Carlsen was one of the first that started to spread this “unnecessary panic”.

Dr. Trávník also blames the equipment. Using a modern semen analysis and examining couples for over ten years, he registered absolutely no decrease in either quality or quantity of sperm. What possibly led to the confusing results of his Danish colleagues was that they didn’t do long-term experiments.