Czech Republic to provide asylum for 40 Ukrainians

As the civil war continues to ravage the Ukrainian land, hundreds of people sent requests for asylums in other countries of the European Union. The Czech Republic is among those countries and the first wave will arrive in the middle of March.

“The goal of this Oděsa project is to allow these refugees to return to the land of their ancestors. Due to their age diversity, many of them still remember the Czech language.”

Says Milan Chovanec, Minister of the Interior. The first group of the refugees will come in March, but it is not yet certain when will the remaining 95 people come. And it is possible that by then, there will be even more refugees to come. A bit less than a half of all the people asking for the transfer, weren’t allowed to come. But the minister remains optimistic and believes we could still help them as well as find them a job, so they can stay permanently.