Czech Republic slowly recovers from freezing rain

Third day after severe rain and cold hit Czech republic, and caused massive problems with transportation and else, the situation is slowly getting better. However, around twenty percent of train lines are still out-of-order.

Freezing weather caught Czech republic by surprise. Many of the railroads and trolleys have frozen over and caused many trains and trams to stop. Heavy rain, along with the freeze also caused multiple black outs and tree falls, which complicated the transport situation even more. Lot of trains got stuck on the road and some with passengers still inside. Fortunately, diesel locomotives and firemen were able to help and clear the way.

Energetic company (ČEZ) managed to help thousands of households without power, but just like with the trains, a rather small percent of these households are still without power. The spokesmen of ČD (czech railroads) appeared on TV to talk about the situation, provide information and talk about how are they going to deal with these problems. Good news is, that the overall situation is getting better and all trams in Prague are now fully functional.