Czech scientists develop new easy-to-use prostate cancer test

Czech scientists from Mendel University came up with an incredible discovery, that can help all people suffering from prostate cancer. Their new method of testing prostate cancer is supposed to be cheap and simple to use as a simple pregnancy test.

The scientists have found amino acid sarcosine, a substance in urine of men suffering from prostate cancer. These substances can be found even in the early stages of the disease, making the danger more likely to be noticed. One of the reasons why prostate cancer was so dangerous was that people very often hesitated to visit the doctor about their problems, meaning they found out about their situation only when it was too late.

According to a local survey, visiting the doctor with these problems is expensive and embarrassing. The scientists plan to make very simple and cheap tests similar to pregnancy tests, that can men buy, urinate on and see the results. With cancer causing death of millions of people every year, this discovery can save thousands of lives.