Czech Supreme Court spokesman steps down over racial comment

Petr Knotig, who has been working as a spokesman for The Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, is stepping down after sparking controversy online with his racial comment about Romanies on Facebook. Czech News Agency informed on Friday.

According to Knotig, the reason for his resignation is media coverage following his racial Facebook comment about Romany children bathing in a public fountain.

Knotig stated that he only intended to express his opinion that the public fountain should not be used for bathing which could lead to possible damage of the property, which belongs to the city of Brno.

I myself divide people into the decent and the indecent, irrespective of which minority or majority they come from. I have a number of acquaintances just among the Romanies and I have no problem talking to them because they are decent and friendly,” Knotig said to the Czech News Agency.

Knotig has been working for a highest judicial authority both in civil and criminal matters seated in Brno for the last 7 years. He is expected to leave institution by the end of June.