Are Czechs most obese nation in Europe?

According to the World's health organisation there is a new epidemy in Czech Republic and that is obesity. In the new charts, that mark the entire European population, it shows that people of Czech Republic are most likely the most obese people in Europe.

This disease endangers about a third of the population and comes with many other civilisation diseases, such as diabetes or cancer. While the country annually spends half a billion on treating consequences of obesity and unhealthy diet and lifestyle, only half of that actually serves this purpose, says an expert. According to her, the rest are social benefits for plenty of ill people, who actually don’t work or even pay taxes.

Nutrition expert, Margita Slimáková, said that the source of this problem starts very early in life and is caused by the toxic environment, in which our children grow up. They are fully aware of the danger fast food restaurants represent, but they just don’t care. While it is a serious problem, that should be dealt with, Mrs. Slimáková remains optimistic, believing there is a chance.