D4 Motorway Construction To Be Finished As P3 Pilot

The Ministry of Transport has announced a public tender for a construction and operation of a final segment of D4 Motorway in south Bohemia.

This 35 kilometers long stretch of motorway between Písek and Přibram is to become the first major so-called public-private partnership in the Czech Republic.

As a result of the tender, Czech Government hopes to choose private investors that are going to finance the construction and operate the highway for a 25 year period.

The total price for the concession for the entire period is expected to come to around CZK 25 Billion.

According to the ministry, around 100 companies are interested in the tender. Most of them are not based in the Czech Republic.

The Ministry arguments that the private company would provide greater efficiency and savings. The public could also benefit from maintained and safe roads, even during a time of government budget constraints.

After the 25 year period is up, the state would assume control of the road.

The construction could begin as soon as in two years.