One dead and multiple injured in high school stabbing

One person is dead and three others are injured after a stabbing at a Business Academy in Žďár nad Sázavou, a town of 25 000 in the Vysočina Region. The school was put on lockdown shortly after 8 a.m. following this violence. Two wounded students and police negotiator were transported out of the school to the hospital by emergency services.

According to police sources, 26-years-old female suspect entered high school building in a crowd of students. Inside the school, she attacked two female teenagers standing nearby using knife. While the two students suffered knife wounds, 16-years-old rushed to defend them. He later died on scene from multiple stabs by suspect.

Woman was disarmed and arrested just 10 minutes after 112 call by special innervation unit that primarily protects nuclear power plant Dukovany. Police negotiator suffered non-life-threatening injuries during standoff .

People place candles in front school | Photo courtesy of CT24

People place candles in front of school | Photo courtesy of CT24

Police say the suspect was from a different region and it was not immediately clear why she attacked the students.

Suspect involved in 2012 school stabbing

According to MF DNES magazine, suspect had no connection to school and picked target randomly. Reportedly it is the same woman who was involved in 2012 stabbing of a teacher board member and following hostage situation in high schools just 250 kilometers away from Business Academy in Žďár nad Sázavou.

In 20112 she was sentenced to psychiatric care but released later in March of 2014 on parole under condition of medical counseling and supervision.