Driver sentenced to fifteen and a half years over road rage incident

Martin Novak, who used his car as a weapon in August 2013, has been found guilty of attempted murder and fail to rescue. He was sentenced to fifteen and a half years in prison Tuesday.

Surveillance video shows white Jaguar driven by 38-years old Martin Novak that rams into a van, sending it into a concrete railing. Two people traveling inside were injured in the incident and had to be transported to the hospital.

Novak fled the scene without stopping. He was found by the police and arrested days after. At first Novak was charged with bodily harm, but the case has been later reclassified as a murder attempt. He was found guilty of multiple counts of attempted murder and fail to rescue by the District Court in Brno.

Novak claimed that he had an argument with his girlfriend the day of the accident and did not realize the accident had occurred until he got to his destination. According to witnesses, his violent action was preceded by an argument between him and the victims. Occupants of the van were allegedly using hand gestures toward Novak at a traffic light because he was on his phone and did not notice the light turn green.

Tuesday ruling is one of the strictest court decisions in a case involving aggressive behavior by a driver.