Drunk off-duty policeman shoots man to death, injures another

Intoxicated member of local police opened fire on bouncers working in a local club in Vysoké Mýto, leaving one dead and another in critical condition on Saturday night. Shooter was taken into custody and now faces several charges, including murder and multiple attempted murders.

Accompanied by two other men, off-duty member of local municipal police in town of Vysoké Mýto demanded free entry to a local club. After being refused to be let in without paying admission, suspect allegedly sprayed pepper spray inside building in a revenge, and ran away.

While one of the bouncers and club owner went to call the police, another bouncer decided to pursue suspect on foot to detain him until police arrive. During foot pursuit, suspect pulled out his privately owned gun and shot pursuer, who later died, in the upper torso.

Shooting suspect Pavel Koblížek | Photo courtesy of Facebook

Shooting suspect Pavel Koblížek | Photo courtesy of Facebook

The second bouncer who notified authorities had been shot by same suspect couple minutes later, while providing first aid to the first victim. He is being treated at a local hospital and is in critical condition.

After that, suspect returned to the club and also tried to kill the owner of the club. But his gun, which he put to the club owner’s head, did not fire.

According to local sources, owner and both bouncers were brothers.

Police said that an investigation is currently underway. Shooting suspect was later identified as Pavel Koblížek.