Flu season heats up, hits Czech Republic

The annual wave of a common flu hits the Czech Republic, as well as the rest of Europe. So far, the flu spreads mostly among a younger population in larger cities, and experts consider it to be just a local epidemy.

Since the last week, there had been a forty percent raise in the amount of people suffering from a common flu – A/H3N2. This type of flu had hit the rest of the Europe as well. Czech experts expect at least one million of infected people and recommend to take reasonable precautions.

Some of these precautions are not to underestimate the winter and the cold and take higher doses of vitamin C. This vitamin is almost essential for immunity against such illnesses and especially if you smoke, drink alcohol or exercise a lot, since these activities degrade the effect of the vitamin. Other than that it is recommended to wash your hands properly and avoid unnecessarily close contact with strangers.