Czech Republic wins four medals in Zürich

European athletics championships are over and  after our first success in the championships on Thursday, three more athletes earned their medals. And they are one of each kind.

On Friday, Barbora Špotáková had excelled in Women’s javelin throw and earned a golden medal with admirable 64,41 meters. It was dramatic and nothing was certain until her fifth attempt. With tears rushing down her face, she said herself, she could’ve thrown a bit better, but history doesn’t ask that.

The next day, Jan Kudlička earned a bronze in pole vaulting along with french athlete Kévin Menaldo. Kudlička had a rather rough start, but still made an impressive jump. However, it wasn’t enough for him to beat Renaud Lavillenie, who once again won the gold.

And the final – silver medal we earned was once again from a javelin throw. Vítězlsav Veselý won the world’s championships in Moscow, so great expectations were in place and we can’t say Veselý had disappointed since he had surpassed almost everyone except for a finish thrower Ruuskanen. Unlike his colleague Špotáková, he is satisfied with his throw and wouldn’t be happier if he had won the gold. That is all for the championships.

We thank the great people of Zürich for hosting a great event and we congratulate to all the winners.