Fuel network at Prague airport beefed up

An effort to create a more resilient fuel network supporting airfield developments at Prague Airport has met a new milestone as a brand new tanker depot and approximately 2.4-km-long underground pipeline system for aviation fuel have been put to service.

New tanker depot at the Prague airport | Photo courtesy of prg.aero

The main goal of the project is to enable more effective aircraft handling and to allow more efficient aviation fuel handling while following the latest safety and operating standards of large international airports.

The new tanker depot is located in the east part of the airport and takes up space of about 1.75 hectares. It can house up to 34 tanker vehicles that can actively use three aviation fuel dispensers at the same time. The depot is connected to the warehouse by a 2,350-metre-long underground pipeline, which includes two independent pipeline routes; one is active, and one serves as a backup in case of a failure. The entire pipeline system allows for a maximum supply of 25.5 cubic meters of fuel per minute.

“The construction of the new tanker depot and the connected aviation fuel pipeline is one of the key projects in the airport´s short-term development plan and is part of our preparations for the long-term construction development of terminal and runway capacities. By opening the depot, we are responding to changing standards and growing operating demands that go hand in hand with the increased number of serviced passengers at Prague Airport,” Vaclav Rehor, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, said in a press release.

The previously-used tanker depot will be torn down to free up space to allow extension of maneuvering areas for the first stage of Terminal 2’s expansion.

The cost of the new depot and the pipeline was approximately CZK 540 million.