Insane pediatrician tormented two-year-old children

A former pediatrician of Klatovy Hospital is accused of harming multiple children with unorthodox and wrong methods, yet police are no longer investigating since the doctor is bipolar.

Numerous reports state, that he did severe damage to arms and heads of his mostly two-year-old patients by repeatedly using cannula wrong. Other reports describe him overdosing children with painkillers, suggesting sedatives and even threatening his colleagues to sue or even imprisoning them. In his defense, the doctor revealed his bipolar disease, which he kept a secret since he wasn’t specifically asked, during the interview, whether he is bipolar or not.

Sadly, such statement was enough for the police to drop the case, and proclaim him not responsible for his actions. The minister of health, Svatopluk Němeček, agrees with police and blames the management of the hospital for all that has happened. The ministry is planning a singular register for all medical employees of the country, which is supposed to prevent similar scenarios in the future.