International day of Czech beer

The 28th of September has always been a Czech nationality day, accounted for Vaclav's (Wenceslas) name day. Since St. Wenceslas is the patron of our country, last year we added another meaning to this day, by naming it an international day of the most typical Czech beverage - beer.

Along with many celebrations taking place on this day in honor of St. Wenceslas, many other beer-themed celebrations are happening all over the Czech republic. Many breweries are offering visiting tours and tasting samples. Even though people accepted the holiday, historians are worried that people are paying more attention to the beer, rather than to St. Wenceslas, since according to a local survey, only fifteen percent of people asked are going to attend Wenceslas celebrations.

Anyway, if you are attending any St. Wenceslas related or Czech beer related celebration, have one in the name of our country and enjoy!