Korean tourist outraged over barista’s joke

A South Korean tourist became a target of a controversial joke of local Starbucks cashier. The tourist Yeseul Lee was insulted by being given a cup with a Czech word for "scrotum" on it instead of her name.

Lee had stated, that instead of asking her name, the cashier simply took the order and gave her the insulting cup. After the cashier started giggling along with his colleagues and other customers, she started suspecting something and googled the unknown word. It said, “shourek” which is an anglicized Czech word for scrotum. After Lee took a picture and started writing a complaint on an official Starbucks Facebook website, the cashier realized his joke may have been over the line and wanted to fix things.


In his defense he stated “I haven’t done anything wrong, I just gave you someone else’s coffee”, but he didn’t convince Lee about his joke and she demanded to speak with the manager. The manager, along with all involved barista apologized and Lee accepted their apology. Even though everything was settled, the story still amuses and roams around Czech and Korean web.

Photo courtesy of Yeseul Lee