Krejcir breaks his nose in Johannesburg PD’s escort car

Infamous Czech fugitive, former entrepreneur Radovan Krejcir, who is currently on the run from the Czech authorities and resides in the South African Republic, was involved in an automobile accident while being escorted in the Johannesburg police's squad car to court. The information was released on an official Twitter account of the South African Police Service.


Krejcir has been facing numerous charges stemming from his alleged criminal activities such as kidnapping, torture and attempted murder of Bheki Lukhele whom Krejcir was trying to coerce into giving out information pertaining to whereabouts of Bheki’s brother – local drug dealer going by street name of “Doctor” who is believed to have stolen bigger amount of methamphetamine from Krejcir.

The accident left a minor injury on Krejcir, having broken his nose and causing a few bruises on his head. Krejcir is claimed to have been checked out by a local doctor and turning out, bar the mentioned slight injury, perfectly fine.

Radovan Krejcir (born 1968) is a Czech criminal who was suspected from having commited various range of crimes, before he fled the Czech Republic under mysterious and to-date-unexplained circumstances while his luxurious residence in Černošice, near Prague, was being subjected to a search by Czech police in June 2005.

Three months later, Interpol found out that Krejcir was living in Seychelles at the moment. In 2007, he was intercepted by SAR’s police upon arrival onto the Johannesburg’s O. R. Tambo International Airport and charged of having arrived with a false passport. Despite all this, the negotiations initiated by the Czech autorities, demanding Krejcir’s extradition to the Czech Republic, have failed on grounds that Krejcir had applied for asylum, about which has not been yet decided, and which reason is also further reinforced by the fact that Krejcir’s arrival to SAR is finally seen as legit.

Krejcir is suspected of having been involved in several murder cases on SAR’s soil. In 2013 he also survived an assassination attempt directed at him. In November 2013, Krejcir was arrested by SAR’s police and he has been held in custody ever since.