LEO Express expands service to southwestern Ukraine

A Czech private rail and bus operator Leo Express aims to make traveling between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and western Ukraine more comfortable. The company announced its plan to launch new bus service extension, between Ukraine's Mukacheve and Slovak Kosice.


LEO Express train | Photo courtesy of LEO Express

Starting on 16th October, LEO Express will take you even further to the east. The company launches new bus service between Ukraine’s Mukacheve and Slovak Kosice, which is set to connect to current train service between Kosice and Prague.

One-way trip from Prague to Mukacheve with an overlay in Kosice will take approximately 14 hours.

LEO Express is currently connecting over 30 cities in the Czech Republic (Prague, Pardubice, Olomouc, Ostrava), Slovakia (Poprad – Tatry, Košice) and Poland (Katowice, Krakow). The new extension will connect three new cities in Slovakia and two in Ukraine.

According to the carrier’s reservation system, the price of a one-way ticket from Prague to Mukacheve or the other way around will be available for as low as 20 Euros.