Liter of gas for €1 now nothing unusual, price set to keep falling

Motorists are praising yet another day of declining fuel prices. Cost of fuel across the Czech Republic hits the lowest level for four years. And the prices may keep falling until June.

The average price for a liter of gas and diesel in Prague area dropped to €1.10. Oil prices have recently dropped below the $50 mark as supply continues to outweigh demand.

For German drivers, weak Czech Koruna causes cheaper fuel in the Czech Republic than the one at home. Many of them travel to refuel their vehicles to Czech gas station. Difference in gas prices between the two countries can be up to 40 euro cents per liter of gas or diesel – that can mean a difference of about €25 per single tank of fuel.


Liter of gas for less than €1 | Photo by Jan Uruba, The Czech Journal