Prague hypermarket evacuated after anonymous bomb threats

A manager of Globus hypermarket in Prague's municipal district Čakovice had received two threatening anonymous phone calls saying that there are explosives in the building. After the second phone call, people were evacuated and police searched the building, but luckily found no explosives at all.


Prague Globus hypermarket being searched | Photo courtesy of Facebook / Týdeník Policie

As some of the staff had stated, they were told about the first threat and as well as advised to stay vigilant and careful. But after the second threat, the manager ordered an immediate evacuation of over five hundred customers and all of the staff. It is speculated whether it was a bad prank, an illegal move by a rival company or possibly a revenge from a former employee. The current staff believes the last two options are possible since the manager is said to have many enemies, but the police are investigating all possibilities.