Man who brake-checked another motorist gets 6 years

The High Court in Olomouc has confirmed the conviction and 6-year prison sentence imposed on Christo Dimitrov Klisurov, 47-year old man originally from Bulgaria who brake-checked another vehicle causing it to crash in 2013.

The incident occurred on the D1 motorway in July 2013.

According to witness account and motorway surveillance system, Klisurov was in the passing lane following too closely behind Honda which was doing speed limit and recklessly demanded its female driver to move over to the right. When Honda with 4 on board cleared left lane Klisurov passed them, moved to the right and aggressively slowed down in front of them, causing Honda to skid and crash into a guardrail. Then Klisurov drove away.

One person was injured in the accident. Klisurov was found guilty of attempted grievous bodily harm.