Marek Hilšer announces presidential campaign

The member of the Czech Senate and unsuccessful presidential candidate from the 2018 election has announced he will run for president in 2023.

Marek Hilšer on a photo from 2017

Marek Hilšer on a photo from 2017 | Photo courtesy of Marek Hilšer

Hilšler is the first candidate to announce his intention to run in the next Czech presidential election.

“More than three years are remaining until the presidential election, yet many are asking me already whether I will run again. I find it fair to answer this question clearly; I will run for office, and citizens can count on me,” Hilšer said during a press conference which he held on Thursday.

The 43-years-old Chomutov-native plans to take his campaign around the country, into all the regions, and gather enough signatures from citizens to run.

To qualify for the ballot, each of the candidates must gather at least 50,000 signatures from citizens, or the support of twenty Deputies or ten Senators.

Hilšer is currently one year into his six-year Senate term as he was elected representative in the upper parliamentary chamber for the Prague’s 26th voting district in the 2018 Senate election. He ran as a candidate for the “Marek Hilšer for Senate” movement, which he founded.

Hilšer ran for office in the presidential election, which took place in January 2018. He finished fifth of the nine official candidates, winning 8.83% of the vote. He then endorsed Jiří Drahoš for the run-off election in the second round. However, Miloš Zeman narrowly defeated Drahoš and was elected for a second term in office.