Meteorite fragments found in south of Czech republic

The Astronomical Institute of the Academy of science of the Czech republic has confirmed that a small meteorite has collided with Earth and landed in the south of Czech Republic. Only one week after collision, 23 different fragments had already been found.


Meteorite traveling across sky. | Photo courtesy of the Astronomical Institute

Ever since a meteorite has crashed a near the highlands, scientists have come to investigate and check for possible fragments. They even asked residents of near village to help, but their search wasn’t successful until almost four days ago, when they finally found the first piece of many. So far, there have been found twenty-three fragments, but the biggest piece is still to be found.

Even though the object had weight of over two hundred kilograms when entering the atmosphere, the largest of the fragments that has been found weighs a little over five grams. The main piece is still missing and people are welcomed to help in the search for it.