Two are missing after ammunition storage explosion

Firemen and army police have both come to Vlachovice to investigate an ammunition storage explosion. So far, two employees of the storage facility are missing.


Scene of explosion | Photo courtesy of Czech Police

Due to the fact, that most of the ammunition hasn’t cooled off yet, the pyrotechnicians cannot come in to investigate on the source of the accident. After the weather settles down, helicopters might fly over and investigate with termovision. So far it’s not certain what caused the fire, but the firemen suspect that either it’s fault of the employees or some of the ammunition may have been flawed.


Armored Firefighter Tank traveling to the scene | Photo courtesy of Fire Dept.

The former military ammunition base is now property of Imex Group, which is internationally trading weapon material. But according to the company, all 5  of the former employees are highly qualified, especially the two, that are missing.