Officials introducing new plan preventing drug use among children and adolescents

The Czech republic is going to change its current anti drug policy and stretegy. Its primary targets are mostly legal drugs, such as alcohol, gamble or cigarattes.

“Every ninth child in Czech republic smokes, and this subject has been underestimated for a long time. In the area of legal drug consumption, we are on the top spots in Europe.”

Says the national anti-drug coordinator Jindřich Vobořil. Sadly it is not just the tobacco problem that is underestimated, since around ten percent of people, that are over fifteen years old, have had alcohol problems. But at least one the problems has not been overlooked and that is gambling. In occasion of recent referendums, public as well as the newly elected city boards have discussed this problem.

Some of the suggestions were that the petrol stations wouldn’t be allowed to sell alcohol or tobacco products, since they are great distributors, along with bars and night clubs. Owners of night clubs and bars are currently prohibited from serving alcohol to people who are under age, but they might be even prohibited from allowing children to enter their business. Violation of such regulation would lead to an enormous fine, but also a possible business closure for a period of time.