One-tenth of Czech population lives below poverty line: Report

According to a survey released by the Czech Statistical Office earlier this week, it was revealed that around 1.02 million Czechs are living under the poverty level which makes up to one-tenth of the total Czech population.

For an individual, 10,220 Czech crowns were set as an income poverty line and for a family bearing children it was set at 21,461 crowns last year. In comparison to the previous year, there was a slight rise of 300 crowns in the limit. Among the EU nations, the Czech Republic has the lowest number of population living below the poverty level.

In the year 2015, the material situation improved by 5.6 percent. Around 590,000 were affected by material deprivation, and which was actually a 100,000 lesser than the last year.

People suffering from the material deprivation do not have the access to four out of every nine essential household items like a washing machine, a telephone, a car or a TV set. For example, they cannot afford a week long holiday every year or eat meat every alternate day.

In 2005, about 12 percent of the Czech population experienced material deprivation. In 2009, the number dropped to 6 percent. From 2012 to 2014, it stood at 7 percent. About 190,000 people or 1.8 percent of the population did not have sufficient income, a job or material equipment in the Czech Republic. The number kept decreasing every year.