People give passing grade to president Zeman

Ever since Miloš Zeman became a president, opinions on his behavior as a president was a rather controversial. Especially his recent swearing during a live radio interview, caused a wave of criticism, but after almost two years of ruling, people could officially rate him.

The TNS Aisa company made a survey for the Czech television, where people could express their feelings on Zeman, without demonstrating. And the overall grade? C-. One quarter of asked people gave him a failing grade and another quarter went just slightly above that. Only six percent gave president an A, the best possible mark. Another part of the survey was done on people who voted for president Zeman two years ago. When asked if they would change their vote, if they could, twenty-three percent would actually change their vote. Sixty-seven percent still stand behind their decision and remaining ten percent rather wouldn’t participate or vote at all.