Petr Gazdik to quit as chairman of Mayors and Independents

The leader of STAN has announced his intention to vacate the chairman post in April 2019, one year before his regular term was to be over.

Petr Gazdik | Photo courtesy of Facebook / Petr Gazdik

Gazdik, who co-founded the party in 2009, was the first leader of the center-right, pro-European party.

In March 2014, he was succeeded in the STAN leadership by Martin Puta. Gazdik was elected back to the chairman position in 2016 to lead the party into the 2017 election to the Chamber of Deputies.

As a reason for his resignation, Gazdik claimed that the STAN needs change-of-guard and a new vision. He also wants to spend more time with his family but also plans to participate in the school reform.

Mayors and Independents party has won 6 seats in Chamber of Deputies in 2017 election and currently also holds 10 seats in the Czech Senate. The party focuses on localism and promoting powers for local administrative divisions.