Police reveal details about shooting in Uherský Brod

Czech Police disclosed first details about shooting which took place on Tuesday in Uherský Brod. Gunman took his own life after killing 8 others and wounding one. Investigation will take many months to complete.

“The suspect just walked in and started shooting everywhere around him without any warning,” police spokesman Jaromír Tkadleček said. ” The ones who could not run stood no chance,” he added.

Police at the scene | Photo courtesy of Michal Švestka, Facebook

Police at the scene | Photo courtesy of Michal Švestka, Facebook

First shots were fired at 12:30, police were notified 7 minutes later by a man who managed to escape from the restaurant. First officers arrived on the scene at 12:47. At 12:56 gunman called TV crime stoppers tip line, saying that he was being bullied in the past, but authorities would not help him. Then he added that he had a gun and many hostages so it was time to take the situation into his own hands. Rapid reaction unit made entry around at 2:23 pm, finding 8 hostages and gunman dead.

Shooter was later identified as Zdeněk K., a 62-years-old local man with mental illness. According to the police, he used multiple weapons which were legally in his possession.

One of the survivors was hiding in the restroom stall. According to the Minister of the Interior Milan Chovanec, police had to go inside the restaurant unprepared because of town’s mayor Patrik Kunčar, who jeopardised hostage by disclosing survivor’s hiding spot on live television.

Standoff ended with a barricaded man turning the gun on himself. Police secured 2 handguns.