Prague City Council plans to take aim at gambling

Along with the recent municipal elections, many Prague districts held a referendums on whether to allow casinos, pubs and other places that let people to gamble. Although all results were not valid due to low participation of voters, Prague City Council plans to eliminate gambling from Czech capital anyway.

And this was not a first case of such referendum. There have been many just like that throughout the years and none ended up successful. But things might change with a new coalition in Prague City Council. Representatives of ANO, ČSSD and Trojkoalice had discussed today on the issue and more gaming machines could be deemed “illegal” through a City Council bill .

“Part of the agreement we worked on was a commitment to start a zero gambling tollerance.”

Yet as of the representatives put it, there are plenty of more things to solve. The expression “zero tollerance” might actually not be taken so literally since there is a possibility to allow certain casinos to keep on working. Another thing that must be noted is that last year, the country made nine hundered million crowns just from the casinos. The eventual loss is invevitable.

All of that must be considered and dealt with, so the outcome of the agreement might actually not change a thing. But perhaps it’s too early to tell.