Prague City Ring Road Tunnels Shut Down

Blanka, Mrazovka, and Strahov Tunnel - the three Prague City Ring Road tunnels that were fully closed to traffic due to issues with the security and monitoring systems Tuesday night.

Blanka tunnel complex | Photo courtesy of ŠJů, Wikimedia Commons

While Mrazovka and Strahov Tunnel have already been reopened for traffic after 8 pm, Blanka tunnel complex still remains closed.

Heavy traffic was reported on detour routes.

According to a statement released by the City of Prague, the shut down was caused by a failure of control systems in the Blanka tunnel. There is still no estimated time for its reopening.

The Blanka tunnel connects north part of the city with west and south districts and is also often a choice for transit traffic. According to the city stats from 2015, approximately 60 thousands cars use the Blanka tunnel on an average day. No trucks weighing over 12 tonnes are allowed in the tunnel complex.

Blanka, the longest road tunnel in the Czech Republic and the longest city tunnel in Europe, was opened to the public after repeated delays in September 2015. Initially, it was due to open in 2011. It is also the biggest and most expensive project in the history of Prague.