Prague taxi drivers protest against upcoming legislation

Some Prague's streets came to a standstill today as taxi drivers staged a protest, taking aim at local authorities and upcoming legislation meant to regulate their businesses even more than now.

Hundreds of taxi drivers have been united by one common enemy: Adriana Krnáčová, a mayor of Prague, who has recently proposed a legislation to introduce new rules for all taxi drivers operating in the Czech capital city.

Under the upcoming legislation, all taxi drivers will be required to pass a topographic and psychological assessment test in order to renew their licence which is to be valid only for 5 years. It also prohibits drivers from smoking in the vehicle which is used for passenger transportation within the city limits even without customer on board and parking such vehicles in residential zones without a valid residential sticker.

Protesting taxi drivers left from Prague’s Strahov stadium around 1 PM and arrived at Prague Town Hall, where they handed a petition to the mayor.